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 Zach Wohlman “TIME ALONE”

Cant stop, wont stop.



 “Time alone” with MURS

 “TIME ALONE” with Michael Rapaport


I SWEAR TO GOD I DO IT FOR YOU.... Thank you David Mancilla, together we can actually change the world. (Email below)To Whom it may concern.My name is David Mancilla and I am writing this email because I would like to be able to let Jason know how he has affected my photography/film and my life. The first time I witnessed Jason's work it touched my soul. This desire to capture everything in my life on film flowed through my veins like never before. My camera was my best friend before but now, it was a part of me.Listening to Jason talk about his adventures and his social media post that give a window on how he views life really made an impact on me. I have always had an interest in film especially photography. Nothing stopped me from documenting my surrounding and own adventures and Jason inspired that. Where ever Jason goes a camera goes with him and that is the same for me. Before my camera was stolen a while back I had made a short film on YouTube about a day in the life of my friend. It was my last day before I was moving out of town and was a random idea to create this film. I recorded as much as my camera would hold and got a decent amount of footage. Using the most basic software Microsoft provides I edited the whole film It wasn't until after I had finished editing that I realized how much of an influence Jason's work had on the film. My goal was to used what I learned from my studies about how he approached film making and to make it my own creation. I am proud of that film and is one of my examples where I took advantage of an opportunity that led me to an adventure ill never forget.While Jason's work has had an impact on my own personal work, his work had even more of an impact on my life. When I was six I was diagnosed with cancer and went through chemo-therapy for about 4 years. My outlook on life is very different than most my age, as I know what it means to literally struggle for your life. Before I had discovered Jason's work my life had been "on the safe side." Only saying yes to opportunities that I felt comfortable with. All that changed the moment I discovered Jason Goldwatch. I began saying "yes" to less comforting opportunities, broke the rules, and didn't let, "restricted access" signs stop me on any of my adventures. Because of this attitude towards life I can safely say that it has let to some of the most amazing and special experiences I have ever had and will continue to have.I wanted to be able to say thank you to Jason. He is one of my biggest influences and he has inspired so much in me to become the person I am today and to me that means a lot. There are very few people that inspire me because my view on life is so different and because of this it takes a very special person to do so. I hope that one day I will be able to have an adventure with Jason or even have adventures better than Jason and the film to back it up. So if you could please let Jason read this for me it would mean the world to me. I appreciate your time in reading my personal letter this and I hope to hear from you in the future