Good research and good friends mixed with good cannibis lead us to the Bronx. We park the whip, and start walking towards the tracks. Through a hole in the fence, up the hill, over a sketchy gap another fence and were on the tracks. Hour long walk in the dark avoiding holes in the floor towards the bridge. Worst thing to hear when crossing a bridge on the tracks is "train." The lights blind you making it impossible to tell which of the four sets of tracks its on. So we ran the opposite way until we jumped inside a doorway. After much searching we made it to the far under side of the bridge down a ladder and we found the unmarked, unlocked doorway in the dark. Mischievous fuckers going deep inside the support columns of the bridge. Sketch bridge inside a sketch bridge. Once through the door and across the mini bridge we found ourselves inside the support column of the bridge. The acoustics were incredible. Quietly climbing down the stairs seemed the next thing to attack. They moved and the structure swayed more then you would like stairs to at these heights. At the very bottom of the stairs, there was another tunnel that led downward to a locked door. When the wind blew it forced a draft through the door causing it to continuously slam. It took some bravery to get down to the bottom and see what the noises were. I went by my self. No monsters. Walking back, we took our time. Watch & Witness "HELLS GATE" coming soon on MASSAPPEAL.COM
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    [...] took a month or 2 to get to. Shout out to Travis Simon on the Decon design team. SO much great mischivios imagery coming soon, for now our logo. Filed under Uncategorized.« Time Pieces “EVidence in [...]

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