When I was 16 my boys and I splt up an ounce of mushrooms. Relatively speaking we were seasoned trippers. Hippie single parent kids, going to School Of The Arts in S.F.....So there was about 6 or 7 of us, the mushrooms were organic and DEEP PURPLE, and as an experiment we all ate HUMONGO doses of vitamin C. About 45 minutes into the trip the Mushroom began talking to all of us in our heads, and it was showing us all the same exact things. At first we found this a little hard to believe, but we kept reconfirming it with each other, it was really amazing.An hour later we were all floored, on our backs watching the blue sky turn into language and complex geometry. Suddenly my friend sat up and gazed at us all with amazment. We all looked at him, struggling to focus....and questioned him with our new found telepathy. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve, struggled with the muscles in his tongue and managed to get out....."TONY DANZA." It was the strangest arrangement of sounds I had ever heard in my entire life. All of us broke into painful, crampy, tear filed, uncontrollable laughter. It felt like my stomach muscles were trying to kill me. Eventually we had to all seperate our selves from the group because it felt like we were going to literally DIE from giggling every time we looked at each other............ANYWAYS, whos got mushrooms in NY?
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    Ta-tonka Tony Danza…

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